17 Apr

  • By calebs

On the 23rd March 2018, at Focus Gloucester we held a Musical Extravaganza which was a showcase of the talented students we are lucky to have. It was also an opportunity for the year 13’s to give Focus Gloucester a parting shot before they enter the world of swinging on office chairs and sipping coffee. On this note, they would like to say a quick communal  ”Thanks for having us” to the school, the staff and the rest of the students. Many hours of preparation, coordination and migraines went into the organizing of the event and, by some stroke of luck, complete catastrophe and disaster was avoided and it actually happened to be a resounding success. Below are some scenes of the action!

Polly & Roshan – Jealous

5th Time Lucky – Unpredictable

Next Generation – Future Looks Good

Next Generation & Polly and Roshan – Seeing Blind

Hereford Band – Looking Up

Gloucester Band & Y 10 Choir – Circle Of Life

Gloucester Band Ft Lexus – Happy

Gloucester Band – Faith

Gloucester Band – All By Myself

Y 5/6 Girls – One Last Time

Choir – Could It Be Magic

Millie & Layla – Imagine Me Without You

Michelle & Alannah – Rewrite The Stars

Bracken & Amina – Nothing Worrying Me

Caitlin & Cristie – The Call