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VIDEO: Classroom Upgrade Competition »

During the summer holidays students from years 7 to 11 collaborated to redesign and change the old music room at NO.7 to


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VIDEO: Update on SDL »

This video from Mrs Carter the SDL Champion, has been produced to bring you up-to-date with the latest developments of S


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Gloucester is Great! »

Gloucester is Great! Mr Tom Neave, on his visit to Swansea, posed not just a big question but a really big question to S


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OneSchool Global – Parents Video »

Below is a video released by OneSchool Global, capturing what Parents most appreciate about our schools. Please watch an


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Osprey Autumn Term Reward Trip »

On Wednesday 16th December, Osprey House Team went to ‚ÄėTaste of Adventure‚Äô in Hereford for a reward trip because we

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Winter Tournament Day »

The Gloucester Campus Tournament Day was a great success, held in the famous Bentham Domes, a perfect location for the s


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Quest for Talent 2015 »

In December, Gloucester Campus held a Quest for Talent. The enjoyable afternoon was filled with students from all year

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Trip to Gloucester Cathedral »

Walking through the cathedral gardens the tall, grand, ancient walls began to appear. When we got closer we all looked u


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End of Term Teachers Meal »

On Tuesday, 15th December the staff at Gloucester Campus were the recipients of a lunchtime feast provided by our Sixth


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Pizza Express »

‘Year 3/4 went to Pizza Express in Cirencester last year. They have been¬†studying instruction writing during thei