21 Apr

  • By rosj

Gloucester is Great!
Mr Tom Neave, on his visit to Swansea, posed not just a big question but a really big question to Swansea sixth formers: how would they see SDL working in Gloucester campus?
Swansea’s visit to Gloucester on Tuesday March 15th was their chance to answer him. Two Swansea students, Abigail Doling and Linus Watson, presented to a whole school assembly their take on SDL, and the whole of Swansea sixth form worked with Gloucester’s years 6 and 7 to help them present how SDL would work for them. Years 6 and 7 presented their thoughts in assembly in a wonderfully transparent manner, illustrating to everyone the ways SDL would change their learning.
The joy of their presentations was that years 6 and 7 had directed and organised them personally; as such, the presentations felt like a genuine reflection of personalised learning which, of course, underpins SDL.
The standard of the presentations caused something of a problem for Mr Neave and Dr England, though, as they had to match the rather spectacular star quality exhibited by the pupils! Mr Neave proved himself up to the task with a rousing speech that went down well with everyone and Dr England managed to get a show of hands from (nearly) everyone as a sign of their commitment to and belief in SDL.
The synergy and sense of team generated by the day were equally massive. The Swansea students went home hugely energised by the experience, feeling they had done their bit to help their counterparts along the SDL journey. And both heads felt they had further strengthened the SDL bridge between the campuses, spreading the SDL word. As one of the Swansea students commented on the way home, ‘Gloucester is indeed great’!