26 Jan

  • By rosp

Walking through the cathedral gardens the tall, grand, ancient walls began to appear. When we got closer we all looked up at the great stonework and HUGE stained glass windows.  We were put into groups and a guide came with us.  She led us inside and spoke to us about the cathedral.  I was sitting on the cold stone floor with a few other girls drawing an archway and by the time we got up our legs were nearly numb!  After that we had to draw little parts of stonework that inspired us so I sat on the pews to draw because I thought they would be more comfortable (they were actually very uncomfortable!).  Imagine having to sit on them for an hour-long church service!! I found going to the cathedral a great help in Art because we had just seen a lot of interesting architecture to draw, so we can make our clay models more realistic. It will also make it easier as we had actually seen the details in real life, and not just in a photograph.

Senior Art Student

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