16 Feb

  • By rosp

The Gloucester Campus Tournament Day was a great success, held in the famous Bentham Domes, a perfect location for the sporting prowess of our students to be revealed.

This year was different with the whole school participating on the same day, seniors in one of the domes and primary in the other. Both domes were buzzing with activity, students putting their all in to help their teams to win! Football and Volleyball for the boys, Netball, Benchball and Football for the girls was on the agenda.  Excellent teamwork, talent and enthusiasm was seen throughout the day, and the scores were close! – At the end of the day, Kestrel and Eagle were joint top! Therefore the overall winner had to be decided from goal difference. So at the Talent Show the next day, it was announced that EAGLE were the winners this year!!!! Well done especially to Eagle, and to all the Students that participated and Thank You to all the Teachers and Community Members that helped make this day a success.


A Spectator

Please watch the video below